Programs that have have recently phased out

• Enhancing gender-based interventions in child-friendly schools : FAWE Rwanda has been working hand in hand with Unicef since 2003, the current partnership was designed for a one year period (February 2015-February 2016) as part of UNICEF’s commitment to gender in education.

As part of efforts to support the government’s work to increase equitable access to 12 years of basic education and improve quality and learning outcomes across primary and secondary education, the programme focuses on three themes : reading, HIV/AIDs awareness, and hygiene promotion.

These themes have been introduced through Tuseme Clubs, speak out clubs where boys and girls identify and understand the problems that affect them and take action to solve them. While the interventions reaches both boys and girls, a greater emphasis is placed on girls to help strengthen their performance in schools.

• ODW (Operation Days Work) Project : For 3 years, FAWE Rwanda has implemented this project in 48 schools in Bugesera and Gatsibo in partnership with
PLAN International. The following were the main activities :

-  Establish youth committees/parliaments to strengthen participation of students in school leadership and to liase between their schools administration and their student colleagues. Thus, the youth committees have helped to ensure that students’ rights are not violated.

-  Sector campaigns : The aim of the campaigns has been to increase community awareness, change behavior and attitude on girl’s education and motivate more girls to complete school.
-  Advocacy campaigns : The major aim of these campaigns has been to influence government policies on issues affecting youth and education. Through the campaigns children and youth’s right to education is reinforced, active participation of youth will influence the government to formulate a balanced framework in which children and young people’s right to education are considered and actions are taken