Vision, Mission & Objectives

Vision, Mission & Objectives

Our Vision

A world in which gender disparities in education are eliminated and all Rwandese girls access education, perform well and complete their studies.

Our Mission

FAWE Rwanda mission is to promote gender equity and equality in education in Rwanda by fostering positive policies, practices and attitudes towards girls’ education.

Our Goal

FAWE Rwanda’s goal is to increase access and retention as well as improve the quality of education for all girls within the school system and for women in universities.

Our Objectives

FAWE Rwanda implements its activities guided by six strategic objectives :

1. Influence education policies for gender responsiveness with special emphasis on improving girls’ access, retention and performance in education.
2. Build stakeholders’ awareness and consensus on the overall advantages of girls’ education through advocacy for action at all levels with emphasis on the grassroots level.
3. Demonstrate, through interventions on the ground, how to improve access, retention and performance of disadvantaged girls, with a view to influencing replication and mainstreaming of emerging best practices into the Rwandan Education system.
4. Establish new and strengthen existing strategic partnerships and collaborations for accelerated progress towards the achievement of gender equity and equality in Education.
5. Undertake organizational development to ensure the sustainability of the organization and effective response to FAWE’s mandate.
6. Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and impact of FAWE’s interventions in improving gender equity and equality in education.