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The Forum comprises 4 organs : The General Assembly, The Executive Committee, The Financial Audit Committee, and the Conflict Resolution Committee.

• The General Assembly consists of all members and is the supreme body of the organization.

• The Executive Committee is elected by the General Assembly and is composed by 10 members : the Chairperson, 2 vice chairpersons, the Honorary Secretary, the Treasurer, the In-charge of public relations and 4 advisers. The members of the Executive Committee are elected among effective members of the organization for a mandate of 3 years renewable once only.

The Executive Committee main responsibilities are to provide overall policy guidelines to the organization, to submit detailed programs of the activities to the General Assembly, and to follow up the implementation of the plan of activities.

• The Financial Audit Committee is elected annually by the General Assembly and is composed by 3 members whose role is to control the management of finances and other assets of the organization and to give advice.

• The Conflict Resolution Committee composed of 3 members elected by the General Assembly and their role is to resolve amicably a conflict that may arise among members of the organization.

The Secretariat ensures implementation of the organization plans and is headed by a National Coordinator whose responsibility is to ensure day-to-day management of the Secretariat and overall coordination of the organization activities.

Other members of staff are 1 Program Coordinator, 2 Program Officers, 1 Assistant Program officer, 1 M&E Officer, 1 Administration and Finance Officer, 1 Assistant Finance Officer, 1 Accountant, and 4 support staff including 3 drivers and 1 office attendant.


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