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Fawe’s alumni and other Fawe Rwanda beneficiaries are starting awareness activities that gathering children and parents together for sensitizing to prevent gender based violence and early pregnancies.

The event took place at Kimisagara, the place known as “Maison de Jeunes” and children from 11 years old to 17 years older were gathered together with some of their parents especially women from “Kimisagara Evening for Women” for deliberations.

The discussion come about in small groups, whereby Fawe alumni was elaborating the role of parents in children education and their role to put off drug abuse, gender based violence and early pregnancies.

Kayitaba Teta, the head of alumni : during campaign we will meet as many people as possible from every corner of the country.

Kabusigye Josephine, Program Officer at FAWE Rwanda : we don’t only provide school fees and other school materials, we also educate


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