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The rate of teenage pregnancy remains unacceptably high worldwide, but mostly in countries of the developing world. In Rwanda, studies of the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda show a rapid increase in teenage pregnancy over the past two decades despite the country’s achievements in the field of women’s empowerment, and efforts to curtail child sexual abuse. Indeed, data from this institution indicate teenage pregnancy aged 19 years old and under is increasing in 2017 it was 17337, 27%, 2018 was 19817, 30%, 2019 was 23622, 36%, and Jan to March 2020 is 4377, 7%.

To address this issue FAWE RWANDA in partnership with Nyarugenge district and CNF (National women’s council) have implemented 2 projects, one addressing early pregnancy through dialogue between teenagers between 11 years and 17year with parents from the local authority, different stakeholders including heads of schools in the sectors, Ministry of Education civil society organizations and the Police. of empowering teenage mothers. Through the project the following activities are conducted :

• Meet teenage and discuss with them and giving the message of resilience
• A mentoring dialogue for 55 girls and 55parents from 5 sectors of Nyarugenge and FAWE staff and 15 FAWE Alumni
• Organize dialogues between teen mothers, representatives of leaders of “Umugoroba w’ababyeyi” and 15 FAWE Alumni under the message of resilience with emphasis on topics such as :

1. Early pregnancy
2. School drop out
3. Parent’s role in children’s education
4. Gender based violence
5. Drug abuse

Objectives of the project :

• To make teen mothers aware of the problems facing them stay away from them
• Improve the communication between parents and teenagers and their role in their education
• Give scholarship to teen mothers to study hands on skills and start income generating activities
• Linking Teen mothers to role models who encourage and mentor them.

The second project is Since 2019, FAWE Rwanda selected 20 teenage mothers, opened bank account for them where their support is passed and gave them a comprehensive scholarship in a short course of tailoring and at the graduation they will be given start-up kits to start their own businesses.


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