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Programs that have have recently phased out

• Enhancing gender-based interventions in child-friendly schools : FAWE Rwanda has been working hand in hand with Unicef since 2003, the current partnership was designed for a one year period (February 2015-February 2016) as part of UNICEF’s commitment to gender in education. As part of efforts...

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Tuseme Model

Initiated at the University of Dar es Saalam, Tanzania in 1996 and enhanced by FAWE with the gender and life skills components, Tuseme model is one of FAWE’s flagship programmes in the region. The main objective is to boost the ability of girls and boys to take responsibility for making good...

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Promotion of STEM for girls

FAWE Rwanda encourages girls to join Science, Engineering and Technology because they are still few in those fields. It is a fact that these are still seen by many, including girls themselves, as boys’ subjects. This is the reason why FAWE Rwanda has established, together with the Ministry of...

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Gender Responsive Pedagogy

Gender Responsive Pedagogy is a process of teaching and learning that pays attention to specific learning needs of boys and girls. Gender Responsive Pedagogy calls for teachers to embrace an all encompassing gender approach : all teaching and learning materials should be scrutinized in order to...

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Fighting Against Teenage Pregnancy and its effects

The rate of teenage pregnancy remains unacceptably high worldwide, but mostly in countries of the developing world. In Rwanda, studies of the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda show a rapid increase in teenage pregnancy over the past two decades despite the country’s achievements in the...

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Alumni Network

Recently, FAWE Rwanda has established a network of FAWE Alumni which includes not only graduates of FAWE Girls’ Schools, but also FAWE beneficiaries. The objective of this network is to serve as an intellectual bridge between FAWE Rwanda and the Rwandese society through advocacy, and to inspire...

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Career Guidance and Counseling

Career guidance and counselling is a project sponsored by MasterCard foundation scholars’ program, that aims at supporting Rwandan girls that are under FAWE Rwanda /MasterCard foundation scholarship in making informed and impactful career choices within industries that practice corporate and...

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Our experience with scholarship provision has taught us that financial assistance alone doesn’t guarantee good performance for scholarship beneficiaries. Rather, it becomes more effective when implemented together with psycho-social support through services such as mentoring or counseling. FAWE...

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Scholarship Programs

• One of the main FAWE Rwanda activities is provision of scholarships : Over the years, FAWE Rwanda has implemented various scholarship schemes to support girls and boys to acquire a certain level of education. The number of students who benefited assistance from FAWE Rwanda is 6,000 students...

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Rwanda Career Women’s Centre

THE NEED : The Rwanda Career Women’s Centre is a response to the Government of Rwanda’s drive to increase the employability of its citizens’ particularly young women through skills building in order to compete favorably in the socio-economic development and leadership of the country. OUR...