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A total of 1200 Rwandan school girls from vulnerable families have been given a chance to complete their education. Socio-cultural beliefs and practices, teenage pregnancies and poor family backgrounds are some of the factors that highly contribute to teenage girl drop outs in the community, as a result The MasterCard
Foundation Scholars Program is responding to these challenges to ensure that every girl remains in school. Between the end of June and beginning Successful placement of 1200 girls in secondary school hosted the event in the Eastern region as well as Ecole de Science de BYIMANA ES and EAV NTENDEZI in the south and western regions respectively.

Fawe Girls School in Gisozi culminated these events hosting the ceremony in
Since the first placement of 200 girls in 2014, two subsequent cohort placements
took place leading to successful postings for all the 1200 girls who were
awarded scholarships. of July 2014, 200 regional scholarships were awarded to scholars in respective program partner schools in the country.

This marks the first pioneering cohort that was enrolled in 2014 and successfully
completed their Senior Four and joined senior Five in 2015. Award ceremonies were hosted per region ; Ecole de Science de MUSANZE (ESC), Groupe Scolaraire Notre Dame
de Bon Conseil (BYUMBA GSNDBC) hosted the ceremony in the Northern region, Nyagatare Secondary School During selection of scholars at ESc Gisenyi


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