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FAWE Rwanda in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation (MCF) to implement a ten-year scholarship program that enables academically bright, but economically disadvantaged girls to access and complete secondary and university education, in high quality institutions and increase their opportunities for better livelihoods.

November, every year, it is Scholar’s service day. Mastercard Scholars around the globe come together to give back to their communities where they conduct different activities to give a warm shoulder to vulnerable families.

1. .Remera Campus

Mastercard/FAWE Scholars at the University of Rwanda, Remera Campus, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, celebrated Scholars’ Service Day with 45 youths between the ages of 13 to 19 years at Kagugu cell, Gasabo district in Kigali city.

The main goal was to mentor and inspire youngsters to study and reach at the university level, have self worth during holidays. This was done in the form of group discussions where both the MCF/FAWE Scholars and the youth analyzed the root cause of the different issues affecting the youth and find solutions together.

After the discussions there was talent exploration. These youths had plays and recited poems under the topic of teenage pregnancy and drug abuse.

The MCF/FAWE Rwanda Scholars’ provided scholastic materials and comfort kits which included pens, books, soap, sanitary pads and petroleum jelly. These materials were given to 10 Children from vulnerable families to ensure a good start of the next academic year.

2. Rwamagana Campus

Mastercard Foundation/ FAWE Rwanda Scholars pursuing a Bachelors degree in General nursing at the University of Rwanda, Rwamagana Campus, College of Medicine and Health Sciences carried out their Scholars’ Service Day at Rwamagana District Hospital.

They helped 50 hospitalized patients with items like sugar, fruits, and soap. And Scholars dressedwounds for thirteen patients.

3. Busogo Campus

MasterCard Foundation/ FAWE Rwanda Scholars at the University of Rwanda, Busogo Campus, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine visited and helped patients at Busogo Health Center.

Scholars shared a meal with patients (children, women, and men) and wished them to get well very soon.

4. Nyarugenge Campus

Mastercard Foundation/ FAWE Rwanda Scholars at the University of Rwanda, Nyarugenge Campus, College of Technology and Sciences celebrated their Scholars’ Service Day with Children who live with different disabilities and elderly Women who live in a convent at St Famille Parish.
They provided them with items like sugar, soap and comfort kits for their daily use


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