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The Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE) is a Pan African women’s organization whose mission is to support girls’ and women acquire education for development. Recently, over 150 from cohort one of our scholars, alumni and staff members from leadership and career development were gathered together for a five days workshop.

FAWE Rwanda in partnership with MasterCard Foundation facilitates girls with scholarship. This program is enabling academically bright, but economically challenged girls to access and complete secondary and university education. The scholarship program is being implemented in 17 public secondary schools and in 6 university campuses in Rwanda. The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program has awarded full cycle scholarship to 1200 and all the scholars were mentored by the FAWE Alumni mentors. At end of this year 2018 FAWE Rwanda shall be having 567 scholars in different university campuses and 504 more to join university October 2019.

FAWE Rwanda organized the workshop and a two days conference after workshop in order to foster a spirit of giving back and promote general welfare of the alumni in particular and of the organization at large and to strengthen ties amongst the alumni and take advantages of each other’s skills and experiences. Additionally, FAWE Rwanda needs to put strengths together as a team and create action steps as agents of change and build a bigger and stronger alumna that would offer support to girls in their careers at their difficult time at secondary school level.

Furthermore, the workshop helped FAWE Rwanda to build spirit of loyalty and promote volunteerism. It stressed pull together synergies and uses the opportunity of having about 160 of cohort one, 10 FAWE Rwanda alumni leaders and FAWE Rwanda staff members in order to give back to community.


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