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FAWE Rwanda Chapter has grown to become a key partner of the Ministry of Education and a focal point on girls’ education in Rwanda. It is in this background that FAWE Rwanda, through the funding from Beautiful World Canada Foundation (BWCF), a Canadian foundation whose mission is to help passionate and dedicated students excel in their high school and university education specifically in the TVET field. In the second cohort 31 girls are being sponsored ; and 15 are pursuing an advanced Diploma in different fields at Integrated Polytechnic Regional Center (IPRC) Kigali and 16 are pursuing degree in different fields at University of Tourism and Business Studies (UTB).

The Life Skills Training Workshop was conducted at Ligue pour la Lecture de la Bible Kigali, Rwanda from the 6th to 8th October 2017. The participants in attendance were the BWCF beneficiaries and representatives from FAWE. The design of the Life Skills training was focused on a comprehensive behavior change approach that concentrated on the development of the skills needed to have a positive healthy lifestyle. The Life Skills approach was completely interactive, using role plays, games, group discussions, story exchange, videos and a variety of other innovative teaching techniques to keep the participant wholly involved in the training sessions.

The Chapters’ aim for the training was for it to enrich 31 BWCF ‘Beneficiaries’ with the necessary knowledge about life skills and impart confidence required to successfully thrive and live healthy positive lifestyles. The life skills includes :

 Skills of knowing and living with oneself
 Skills of knowing and living with others
 Skills of making effective and enhancing self


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