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Globally, women account for a minority in the STEM-related careers. This was caused by various gender barriers that prevent girls from choosing academic paths that lead to STEM-related careers. However, this can be addressed in different ways.

FAWE Rwanda in partnership with other organizations including UNESCO Regional Office for Eastern Africa, Ministry of Education, and RAWISE ; initiated and introduced the Mentorship in STEM Program through scientific camps of excellence in Rwanda ; with a theme” Girls, step in STEM for a million opportunities”. The STEM Mentoring Camp gathered together 170 (s2) senior two students from 17 secondary schools which are in partnership with FAWE Rwanda and 17 teachers from those secondary schools, for five days.

FAWE Rwanda National Coordinator said : We organized this Camp for young girls because we realized that in A level, few of them choose Sciences which lead to have a gap of girls in sciences at universities. We are inspiring young girls in S2 for them to choose sciences in A level as the development of the world is based on sciences. So, girls should also play a role in development. We need to teach them at their early age for them to learn and master theory with its application. That’s what we are basically helping them.

Uwera Alice, a thirteen years old girl from Lycee de Zaza said : I am learning a lot from this camp and I am happy to know that STEM has many career opportunities. I will step in STEM in order to get an opportunity of being a doctor as it has been my dream.


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