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FAWE Rwanda has concluded a two days In-country Alumni conference. 340 young girls from campuses around the country and their mentors have convened in IPRC Kigali conference hall since Monday 16-17 September, 2019 to discuss how to build a spirit of giving back to the community through mentoring.

In her remarks Antonia Mutoro, FAWE Rwanda National coordinator, has reminded young girls to do excellently and try to be unforgettable in community.

Antonia Mutoro, FAWE Rwanda national coordinator

“All of you, you want to be excellent, isn’t it ? You want to be excellent, so that service that is excellent is what we need from you. And I can promise you that if you serve excellently in whatever you do in school, at home, in the community, to your sisters, to your brothers, to whoever is need, you will get whatever you want. You will be there ; you will be the one who you have been always dreaming to be.

She insisted that they should do things in the way they remain unforgettable in society. “Your coach was telling you to do things in a way it’s about marketing yourselves, you market yourselves and then you always be remembered so the key word here, try to be unforgettable in every action.”

Teresa Omondi Callo, FAWE Regional Secretariat Deputy Director, told the participants that there a special place in hell for women who don’t assist other women. “I have heard of these things a lot of times, there is a special place for women, a special place in a hell of those women who do not assist other women. There is a special place for you in the hell if you do not assist another woman.“ She asked students to support other women so that we can have a great nation of different women.

Mrs. Callo went on saying that when a woman becomes leader, the standard is double because when a woman makes a mistake in leadership, that mistake is twice. “I come from a country where men can easily sleep in parliament. And that is in fact in news for just laugh. But just there, you as a woman, you sleep in parliament, you will make the headlines. […]so, when you get that standard, you must be as twice smart, twice as excellent in your work so that you are able to provide the leadership.

The event brought together students who are supported by FAWE and their mentors, distinguished guests from Kenya and Ghana’s Mr. Cyril Obura who was representing Master Card Foundation.


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