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Thursday, October 7th, 2021 We hosted the Alumni conference aimed at welcoming the new FAWE/Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program alumni, strengthening the culture of giving back to the community, and creating a strong change agents network.

During this edition of the Alumni conference 2021, alumni and scholars are challenged to be more active and think creatively about how they can make a bigger impact in their respective communities more specifically taking into account girls affected by COVID 19.

Leading her session, the Chairperson of the FAWE Africa Alumni, Teta Kayitaba called upon alumni and scholars to have positive values that will shape their future “What gives me hope for the future is not what I do or have today, but rather, it is my daily behaviors and goals".

In her address, FAWERwanda, National Coordinator, Antonia Mutoro, emphasized the role of Alumni in the sustainability of FAWE while calling them to be part of solutions “You have the ability to do more. If you have to be change agents, you need to be part of the solutions”.

Alumni who attended the conference shared lessons learned and their commitments become change agents including working hard with purpose, seeking guidance as well as having discipline and sacrifice in whatever they do.

Some of the achievements of the last year’s In-Country Alumni conference are ; meeting and supporting 20 teen mothers in Nyarugenge district to acquire skills and other small activities that were done around their universities such as spending a day at a children’s home for those handicapped children.


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