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Twenty-three MasterCard Foundation Scholars awarded to attend Certified Public Accountants courses. Winners are students who study in year two, at university of Rwanda : College of Business and Economics Nyagatare Campus and Rusizi Campus.

Winners are ten students out of thirteen from CBE/Rusizi Campus and fourteen out of thirty-four (14/34) from CBE/Nyagatare campus have successfully completed year one and completed Trimester I and II with an average mark of 70% and above that qualified them to attend CPA courses.

Pauline Niyonshuti says that she is happy to be a CPA class student as she hopes when she ends the class, CPA Certificate will help her to become a bright accountant.

‘’Yeah ; having attended the CPA class is the most important thing as it helps to be professional, beyond of gaining an international certificate, it also broadens mindset and when you succeed you become confident even in front of Master’s degree holders because there is no difference between you and them.’’ -She says

A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is an accounting professional who has passed the Uniform CPA examination and has also met additional state certification and experience requirements.
Wishavura Anitha MCF scholar
From right, Wishavura Anitha, Niyonshuti Pauline and Mugorenejo Yvonne


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