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UWERA Esther 17 years old, she is first born among 4 siblings, daughter to Higiro Protais and Mukeshimana Dativa. She grew up in Uganda with her aunt because her mother could not afford daily upkeep but came back to Rwanda to live with her family when her aunt could not also afford anymore. However, she is now full of hope and determination.

Esther was among a group of young girls from FAWE who went to Uganda for the Global Scholars Convening. She and her friends were too excited to be on a plane for the very first time and as part of her training she had an example of 10 leadership skills based on a hen analogy to bring home.

1. Good planning : she first lays enough eggs before sitting on them
2. Discipline : when she starts sitting on her eggs. She minimizes movement
3. Sacrifice and self-denial : she physically loses weight while sitting on her eggs due to decreased feeding
4. Indiscrimination and generous : she can sit on eggs from another hen. Leadership is about generosity, giving
5. Faith, hope, courage : She sits on her eggs for 21 days patiently waiting and even if they do not hatch she will still lay eggs
6. Sensitive, discerning : she detects unfertilized eggs and rolls them out. A leader is always proactive to the initiative to find problems.
7. Wise, conscious and realistic : she abandons the rotten eggs
8. Proactive love : no one can touch her eggs
9. Unity
10. Mentoring : She doesn’t abandon her chick before they mature She adds, “From the Convening, I was inspired to inspire others. My advice to peers is to work hard and build a door where opportunity will knock.”


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