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UWANGABE Adonai 16 years old. Daughter of Mustinzi Peter and Bamukunde Justine. She lives in Kabeza and goes to school at St Aloys Rwamagana. She is a Senior 5 student studying History, Economics and Geography. She says, “After I received this scholarship I got motivated to work even harder because it threw light in the horizon of life ahead and the bitter past was left behind.”

Adonai says the mentoring sessions and mentoring conferences have made a big impact in her life. They opened her eyes and mind and enabled her to keep in touch with her dreams and to never to give up. She adds, “I have discovered my leadership qualities and I have started practicing them.” She gives this piece of advice to her pears, “Have determination, stay focused to what you want in life. Believe in yourself, maintain your dignity for if you do not respect yourself then on one will respect you. Work hard in silence and let success make noise. I am thankful to The MasterCard
foundation for giving me quality education which I believe is a stepping stone to a bright future.”


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