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I am called Lydia NIYOGISUBIZO a FAWE Rwanda/MCF scholars at the university of Rwanda, college of medicine and health science , school of public health, department of human nutrition and dietetics in level two .

During this break I have a lot of things to do including my studies and home activities where I live in Gicumbi district in the Northern province of Rwanda. So, this break is not the time of taking rest but I take it as my opportunity to revise my lessons and to do research. Every day, before noon I am working together with my family members to do home activities and then after finishing all activities, I take time for revising my lessons which we have covered and others uploaded at UR-eLearning platform.

In addition to this, I take different online courses related to my field like immunization essentials, relationship between population, health and environment and other in order to increase my knowledge and skills. It is free to take all of those courses and I will get certificates after completing some of them. I also interact on Baobab platform and use different social media like LinkedIn and others to discover different opportunities around the world.

FAWE and Mastercard foundation have contributed much in my social life and my studies because they gave me laptop to use when I am studying ,bursary which help me to solve any financial problem like buying sanitary materials, internet bundle and others that I can have and addition to this ,they provided to us trainings and mentorship programs. So, all of these make me to be equipped, comfortable, motivated to work hard and enabled me to keep in touch with my dreams and to never give up.

I am thankful to FAWE and Mastercard foundation that made me who I am today.


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