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My name is Nyiransengimana Edith, Iwas born in Southern Province, Kamonyi district, Rukoma sector in Gisheshe cell. I am a daughter of Kanani Fancois and Nakabonye Beatha. I’m the third childin a family of four siblings.

My mother is the head of the family. Before I got the Mastercard scholarship, to pay for school fees and other school materials was a severe problem. At the end of my 0’Level in 2015, I applied for the Mastercard scholarship. Fortunately, I was selected and enrolled in Lycée de Kigali in 2016.

This opportunity enabled me to attend class regularly because school fees and school materials were no longer a limitation. It was a good time for me. But at the beginning of second term, I dropped out the school due to pregnancy, I thought it was the end of it all. My mother was disappointed, no one was on my side in my family. Luckily, I was informed by FAWE Rwanda that they will allow to reintegrate me in school after delivery.

FAWE Rwanda has a Mentoring program among others, through this program, they comforted and helped me to go through the challenges I faced. They told me that even though I gave birth, there is still chance for me to get back to school because of the re-entry policy re enforced by the Ministry of Education. I was reintegrated into school a year later in 2017.

I was transferred to FAWE Girls School Gisozi. I left my little girl at home with my mother. From that time, I decided to work hard to heal from my past experience of having a child while in school.

At the end of Senior 6, I topped my class where I got 73 out of 73 score in sciences (PCM). In 2019, I was enrolled in University of Rwanda in College of Sciences and Technology where I am doing Civil Engineering and Water resources.

I put my past in a basket of past things, now I eye to be a woman of excellence and a brave water engineer. After my studies ; I will give back to the community as It is one among FAWE values.

In conclusion, I deeply thank Mastercard foundation for its scholarship program and I can’t forget FAWE Rwanda for everything they do for me, they gave me a shoulder introubles and they continue to do their best to make me a proud woman.

Thank you FAWE Rwanda !
Thank you, Mastercard Foundation.


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