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Mugwaneza Nadia is a beneficiary of FAWE Rwanda through the Mastercard Foundation scholar’s program. She is pursuing Civil engineering in construction at the University of Rwanda. After realizing that there are vulnerable families in Karongi district, she decided to take a step in changing their lives.

In 2017, She founded YOUTH FOR POSITIVE CHANGE a club that aims at comforting patients without help and poor families. The club has 47 members who are students in university, secondary schools and ordinary citizens.

Nadine was inspired by Leadership and career development training that she attended. The trainer told us ‘’do not keep information to yourself, if you have something to give back to community, just share it with others.’’

From that advice, I asked myself ‘’what can I do to give back to the community ?’’ that is where the idea came from. I gathered my classmates and we started the club.

In the club :

• we discuss how to apply leadership skills to improve living standards in our communities.

• We improve our public speaking skills through debates.

• We learn how to save for our future supported by I&M Bank.

• We teach Gender equity and equality

To raise a funds, members save money from their revenues to achieve our objectives and goals.
So far :

• We have visited 35 patients in different dispensaries and given them sugar, soap and flour for porridge.

• We gave a warm shoulder to a genocide survivor by giving her a liter of cooking oil, liter of milk, sack of maize flour (25 kg), 10 kgs of sugar and we built Akarima k’igikoni(kitchen garden) and partnering with National itorero, we built a kitchen for her.

Our club is still on its feet, we intent to expand area of operation from Karongi district to the National level ; we aim also to initiate a campaign to fight drugs.

These coming days we aim to raise funds to pay health insurance (Mutuelle de Santé) for poor families and initiating a campaign to fight drugs among youths.

We are educated to solve problems in our communities ; so, we are here to give back to the community because together we can.

Youth for positive change


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