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My name is Niyonizeye Ernestine and I was born in the Northern Province in Rulindo District, Kisaro Sector. My family are subsistence farmers. When I was in O’ level, I helped one classmate who was sitting the exams for Mathematics and Political Sciences for the second time. She performed very well and I was proud of my intervention.

Last year (2017) during holidays, a scholar from the neighboring community approached me seeking support in revising S5 subjects. I asked my parents to allow me to help her and have her come to my home every day, they accepted. I did my best to help the scholar understand all the subjects she had failed before. I was pleased when I learnt that she succeeded and was promoted to S6. This was done because the MCF scholars program gave me the opportunity to study in a school of excellence. I believe that giving back does not in any way reduce what you have but helps you to get more. I have the passion to continue helping and instilling in young generations the idea that helping others should not just be a value but part of their life.


Tags: Fawe, Education, Girls

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