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I’m called Izerimana Liliane and I’m 18 years old. My family is located in Nyagatare District, Rukomo Sector, Gashenyi Cell. I’m the third child in a family of seven and have many other relatives. Currently I am in Senior 6 MCB studying at Ecole des Sciences Byimana.

Before being sponsored as an MCF Scholar, I was often sent home to look for school fees. I was always sad because, despite my good performance, I was dismissed from the school while other scholars were studying. After many years of struggle I received a MCF scholarship, now I am happy and stable because I get to be at school all the time as my fees are paid.

Through the MCF scholarship I receive a stipend each term this has impacted my life and my community. It has also made of me a young self-reliant girl. Once at school I had forgotten a pair of my open shoes, I came up with the idea of producing simple sandals using pieces of used vehicle tires and clothes and then made myself a pair of shoes for school. In line with the aim of giving back to the community, I started making necklaces using old calendars and made bracelets with body lotion bottles, earrings with caps of soft or alcoholic drink bottles, among other materials. I sell the products and make an income from it. With the first money I made off the sale of my jewellery, I gave to my cousin who started a small business selling fruits.

I plan to produce more items and generate more income that will enable me to pay the school fees for my little sisters next year (2019) as a way of giving back to the community. I also started to write up short stories on youth in general and on the impact of the MCF scholarship on scholars. The aim is to support others as I have been supported.



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