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My name is Jennifer MUTAMULIZA, a student at IPRC Kicukiro, studying IT (Information Technology) in my third year (3rd year). Recently there came a pandemic called covid-19 which led to quarantine where many activities were closed including schools and campuses. We were all at school and we were told to go out of the campus to our homes for the quarantine, that physical classes will no longer be taken.

After few days the government of Rwanda established the new method of learning online which is the E-learning platform where lecturers upload topics to be covered then we had to access them using our credentials given by the campus. In fact, we did not sit out at our homes doing nothing because sometimes lecturers try to check on us to ask if we have some questions to ask on anything that we didn’t understand in modules.

Being supported and sponsored by beautiful world Canada through FAWE Rwanda is a golden chance that I got because apart from school fees that they provide, there is stipend in which I saved and bought from it my personal computer which is really helping me during my online classes , in addition because in my every day’s academic life I need internet connection to use for some research to enhance and increase my knowledge, the stipend really plays a big role in my life because that’s where I save from it and buy my internet to use.

This lockdown really left for me a lesson and I think that it’s the same to others, the lesson is that whenever we get a very long or prolonged free time in our lives, let’s take it and think about ourselves and see where there is a gap that limits our growth instead of investing in useless things that do not give in return something tangible. For example, on my side I have managed to have some tutorials online relating to my field of studies since am doing Information Technology I’m trying to learn some programming languages that will help me to go out of my campus holding something that I can sell at the market as my uniqueness.


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