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My names are Gloria Umutoni and I am 22 years old. I got a chance of being accepted as a student by the foundation of Beautiful world Canada with partnership with FAWE Rwanda through scholarship program, currently I’m a student in Civil Engineering Department mainly in Water and Sanitation program.

In this period, all over the world ,there is a big pandemic known as Corona Virus(Covid 19)which is now affecting human being’s life in particular that also cause suffering and death to many people especially old ones(60 years and above),it also highly affects World economic and its very scary to every country as they lost great number of people who died after suffering from this corona virus.

As a student of Fawe Rwanda ,it is also hard to keep following online studies ,sometimes because of some issues , we are now ordered to stay home as Government suggested for maintaining social distancing to reduce the spread of virus.Now it’s not easy to continue online studies mainly because of network shortage due to large number of people accessing on network at the same time. We were in period of project proposals and dissertation writings before this quarantine but because of lack of laboratory to carry some experiment and some workshop as well which is now hindering our studies.

But though it’s difficult for us, we try to learn something to keep us busy like reading books, doing some home works to help parents and guardians. I have learned a lot in this period of quarantine like decoration, preparing some special meals via YouTube channels ! and parent’s guidance day by day.

I cannot finish without thanking our sponsors of Beautiful World Canada and FAWE as well , I am thankful and looking forward to make you proud and give back to the society as FAWE alumnae and help other girls too.


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