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I am by the names of Irakoze Clarisse, a Fawe Rwanda Scholar in Information Technology. Recently we’ve got information about the new and dangerous pandemic which started killing many people in china and which was spreading faster than anyone can imagine.

To stop the spread of Coronavirus, the Government of Rwanda established measures like washing hands, social distancing , wearing face masks and lockdown which affected much, students and many people in general.

As a challenge I’m not gaining new knowledge, because an IT student need more practices in coding and programming , So this is what challenged me most. The second challenge is that my family and world in general are having financial crisis and this affected my family’s economy.

Although Covid-19 lockdown challenged me ,FAWE Rwanda played a vital role in helping me to overcome those challenges by giving me Stipend and I used it to buy internet bundles so that I can access online courses. Apart from internet bundles I used the stipend to help my family buying some basic needs so that our life can be better.

FAWE also is encouraging me and FAWE girls in general to never give up and to continue working hard so that we can’t fail in our courses and also to follow the government protocols like washing our hands, wearing masks and staying at home.

My advice to Youth is that although Coronavirus spreads faster the only way to stop it is respect measures taken by the government of Rwanda like washing hands , wearing masks, social distancing and/or others,… Youth have to acquire knowledge and improve their skills through online learning and also we have to get it by working hard and praying hard because nothing is impossible when we have God.


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