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My name is Irankunda Jacqueline,22. I was born in Western province of Rwanda, Rusizi district, Giheke sector in Kamashangi cell. I am a daughter of Kimanuka Jacques and Mukankundiye Seraphine. I am studying Economics and Geography with Education in University of Rwanda/Nyagatare campus.

My education journey has been the most challenging but I did not deviate from my dreams of being an important politician one day. The first heartbreak was when I was in P5. I left studies one year due to poverty.

I almost gave up on everything. Looking at my relatives who dropped out school scared me a lot. I told myself ‘’Oh ! my GOD, am I going to be like that ?’’It was a miserable moment in my life. I felt that I live to suffer. One year later, the sun re-appeared on me, I went back to school.

I passed Primary exams successfully and went to secondary, but struggles didn’t cease. Lack of school materials, School fees all weighed me down but I didn’t lose hope. What kept me alive was my dreams which forced me to keep hope against challenges.

At the end of O’level, I applied for Mastercard’s scholarship through FAWE Rwanda. Luckily, my application was considered and since then (S4) my life changed. I fought hard till I went to university.

Now, I am studying comfortably, I have peace of mind, I am confident that I am on my way to achieving my dreams. I study well and hard without any hindrances. Several trainings that I have participated in are helping me to see clearly ahead of me.

I have no special way to thank FAWE Rwanda and Mastercard foundation except giving a heartfelt promise : ‘’ Dear FAWE Rwanda and Mastercard, I promise that the chance to excel in education is a mandatory ; I will not let you down.’’

Thank you !


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