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Aline is a 19 year old girl from Byimana cell, Munezero Gisozi sector, she is the first born daughter to Ntamuhanga Deogratious and Nyirasikubwabo Berancille. Her mother Berancille is a hawker, she sells vegetables in the market and the father daily looks for masonry jobs to make a living.

Since Aline was awarded the scholarship, Berancille developed a yearning spirit of giving back to society. She therefore cooks and takes food to at least one hospitalized patient in the nearby hospitals that is Kibagabaga or Kigali Central Hospital (CHK).

She started her poultry project with six chicken in 2015 growing to 46 chicken in 2016. The family takes care of the chicken while Aline is in school. They sell the eggs to get health insurance “mutueles de sante”, they also get some money to top up school fees for the young brother who is Senior One. “I am proud of being able to contribute to the well fare of my family. Before joining this program I had no dreams at all but now I have and I am on the way to becoming an engineer.”

“From the services we get like mentoring and Tuseme, I have gained self confidence
and have been able to share my experience with the youth in my village ; this enabled me to be elected as a leader on the sector level. In my position I encouraged young girls to form a football team.” In the future Aline aspires to be an engineer and improve housing in Kigali


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