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My names are Margueritte Marie Dusingizimana, , I am a FAWE Rwanda / MasterCard Foundation scholar. Currently, pursuing bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences, at INES-Ruhengeri. I am as well the CEO of an operating business called Ecological Sanitation and Manure Production Ltd in Musanze district thanks to MasterCard Foundation sponsorship under the scholars’ entrepreneurship fund (SEF). Recently I was doing my internship at Kabgayi hospital but due to government policies of containing COVID-19 spread across the country ; I couldn’t continue my internship. Therefore, I went home.

During my home stay, I reflected on this surprising attack of COVID-19 which came and block all major activities across the world, many scheduled local and international events including even my school academic year, so as an agent of change I believe I could not take this time as the time for sleeping, watching movies or spend whole days chatting on social medias but not getting any benefit from that.

Teaching my nephews (Mireille & Jean)

As a MasterCard Foundation Scholar, I have been equipped with strong mind-set of always being at the forefront for every positive change with learning creative solutions to address burdens that our society is facing. As the world is becoming more digitalized, I think that it is the time that our local institutions embrace the digital transformation. During this COVID-19 lockdown, am working on the project to help my university staff and students to keep us learning virtually via video conferencing method during these difficult times where we cannot meet physically.

Thanks to the MCF-FAWE Rwanda who always bring excellent facilities towards us, with personal laptops they gave us. I am able to explore different opportunities on the internet. Besides reviewing my school courses then I explore my over-time hours to look for online opportunities ; Currently, I am taking a certifying course on Global Health e-Learning Centre which I find so innovative to me.

I also appreciate MCF for providing the Baobab platform. With Baobab, I am able to connect with my fellow youth scholars from across the globe and exchange ideas. Through the session of Ask Me Anything (AMA) on baobab, I am able to meet professionals and this really sharpens my mind. I am also following their courses.

Apart from those mentioned above, I go to help my mother on her farm, and at night I take time to teach my nephews so that they may not be lagging behind as one of them will be doing his national exam this year.


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