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I, Lucie MUJAWAMARIYA, hereby express my heartfelt gratitude to MasterCard Foundation Scholars’ Program through FAWE Rwanda for the support in education and I promise to make the best of this golden chance that I got.
I was born in 1997 in Rusizi district. I am the sixth born among 8 siblings. I went through primary education with difficulties but I passed well and was rewarded by Imbuto Foundation. I went to secondary school but with no hope of completing ordinary level due to poverty. Even getting three meals a day was a problem for the household of ten people. My parents toiled very hard to have at least three of us in school. I remember at times I could go to school a month late due to lack of school fees and scholastic materials.
Miraculously, I finished ordinary level but could not even think of ever going to advanced level yet I had a dream of becoming a medical doctor. I applied for sponsorship through FAWE Rwanda and lucky enough I got it. I was enrolled in 2014 in advanced level and in my dream school in Kigali city, FAWE Girls School Kigali offering Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
Since 2014 life has never been the same, I was able to go to high school with assurance of completing and going on to university. I am stable at school, no threat of being chased out of school for not paying school fees. I have all the scholastic materials. At school we have profited from empowerment programs like mentoring and Tuseme. Through these programs I was able to learn life skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills and this has helped me to gain self-confidence and competing skills. I made it to the top 5 in the national science competitions. I have been the chairperson of Anti HIV/AIDS club. I attribute all this to the various trainings I got from MasterCard Foundation programs.
Today I am very happy with how I performed in the national exams. I got aggregates 73 out of 73 this means that I am a straight ‘A’ student. I got ‘A’ in physics, ‘A’ in chemistry, ‘A’ in biology and ‘A’ in entrepreneurship. In Nationwide I was the 4th best student in chemistry and the 31st in physics out of the best 50. I am excited I am going to university to pursue my dream career - being a medical doctor. The road was not easy but with a lot of encouragement and follow up of FAWE Rwanda and many trainings and advice I am rejoicing. My advice to my fellow students is to work hard, not to give up and not to lose the vision. At some point in S5 I had a problem with my eyes and I thought I was going to fail my exams but I remembered that I should never give up. I tried very hard and my grades did not drop.
I know where I want to be and I am on my way to success.
Long live FAWE Rwanda
Long live MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program


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