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My name is ISHIMWE Anne Marie, I am a FAWE Rwanda/MCF scholar studying Agricultural mechanization in the university of Rwanda and I live in Gicumbi district.

During my stay home due to Covid-19, in the morning I do house works and sometimes I help my mother in the farm activities where we are growing and taking care of potatoes. In the afternoon after finishing all the house works, I get the time to check my online courses on our university e-learning platform and I also check news online to know what is taking place outside.

In addition to that I am also taking another lesson on the YALI network about women’s health though this workbook I am learning about five of the most prevalent women’s health issues across sub-Saharan Africa. I also take time to read books and so far, I am reading my 3rd book since the quarantine started. Some days I interact on BAOBAB platform for the latest information, live chats with foreign students, new courses and exciting opportunities.

We also started our peer mentorship whatsApp group as MasterCard scholars we meet there at a certain time and discuss about a chosen topic and listen to each other’s views and receive advices from fellow scholars, this group is helping us to stay connected during this time.

I highly appreciate MCF/FAWE with their support of Laptop and internet which is mostly helping me to cope with this lockdown period where life and communication is right now almost online. Lastly, I would advise my fellow scholars to stay home and stay safe but and make this quarantine productive.


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