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IRAHOZA Guillaine 17 years old, student at FAWE Girls Kigali, one of the 5 children of Gasana Gustave and Mabuye Nadia. Speaking to one of the programme officers, she says “I have particularly gained self-confidence and public speaking skills from the mentoring sessions and Tuseme programme. This enabled me to participate in the debating club and competitions at national and international level. I won the East Africa Community essay competition and will be going to Arusha for the final leg of the

Irahoza aspires to be a politician in the future, specifically the Minister of Foreign Officers. Through the mentorship programs she says that she is slowly gaining the right skills that will enable her to achieve her dreams. She also adds, “I go to a good
school that I could not have been able to afford before, I cannot even compare it with my former school. I now have access to laboratories, internet and many other educational facilities.”

Irahoza teaches English to young children in her community as a way of giving back, she also hopes to have an orphanage of 30 children in the future and support them financially. She adds, “My mentor’s life journey is a constant reminder that it is attainable now that I have a MasterCard, which is, education. Long live FAWE, long live MasterCard”


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