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I am Bonifride UWIMBABAZI, I am proud to be a Mastercard Foundation Scholar. I was born in the family of 10 siblings and I am the 9th born from Kamana Thacien and Nyirababi Emerence. My family and I live in Gicumbi district.

My journey in education started in G.S Nyinawimana in Rukomo sector. I got 5 aggregates. I was the best in the sector and I got an award from Imbuto Foundation. Working hard and striving to be the best has always been my passion. I have always strived to be the best. However, life in secondary school was not easy because school fees and scholastic materials were hard to get. Despite that I was the best in the district of Gicumbi in troncommun. At Groupe Scolaire Notre dame de Bon Conseill (GSNDBC Byumba) is where I did my lower secondary education. I was a warded by Imbuto Foundation again as the best perfomer. It is where I got scholarship application form from FAWE. I was among the 28 pioneer scholars of FAWE/Mastercard scholars at GSNDBC Byumba.

In ‘A’ level all things changed after being awarded the Mastercard scholarship. I gained strong hope that I will study and achieve my dream. I offered physics chemistry and biology (PCB) this was preparing me to become a medical doctor. My scholarship package was like a dream to me ; school fees, scholastic materials, comfort kit, stipend, transport and several other programs that sharpen us towards achieving life skills, leadership skills, self-esteem and self-confidence such as mentoring, Tuseme and debating all those geared to making us future leaders and concerned citizens of Rwanda and indeed of the world. Other than gaining academic knowledge, I learnt that I also have what to offer to my community even now. The scholarship package changed my life, I am no longer a selfish timid girl but a sociable and good leader too.

This was a turning point in my life, thanks to thanks to Mastercard through FAWE Rwanda. After the annual scholars mentoring conference at FAWE Girls Kigali in 2015 I took on responsibilities of leading several clubs such as debating, and in charge of discipline in my class. I was able to participate in national science competition where I got a certificate from Rwanda Education Board.

My family benefited a lot from my scholarship too. As I mentioned earlier, among the 10 siblings only 4 of us were able to go to secondary school and I am going to be the 2nd one to go to university. My parents were able to pay school fees for my younger brother to go to a boarding school I was no longer a burden to them. My parents and mentors encouraged me to study even harder so that I maximize the chance of the scholarship.


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