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On this day, we appreciate FAWE Rwanda in Partnership with MasterCard foundation for such amazing opportunity which brought the best version of our selves.

We have met FAWE Rwanda in partnership with MasterCard foundation at our lowest points, when we had no hopes for tomorrow, see the future of our families and us. When all of our dreams were seen far away from the reality.

FAWE Rwanda came as a rescuer. She took the journey with us, they empowered us and brought back our lost hopes. Some of had never seen the sun shine and for others it had stopped shining. We saw the light again, the sun shone over us and we experienced a life time change. FAWE Rwanda is a family to us than a supportive organization.

We went to the best schools, attended interesting trainings to gain skills. We became leaders, entrepreneurs, and above all change makers. We are now fully charged to lead for a change. We cannot express our gratitude to FAWE Rwanda and MasterCard foundation without mentioning of the great mentorship we have experienced.

Regarding of the mentorship, we appreciate the hard work and love from our beautiful mentors. They sacrificed their time to see us improving on the next level.

We promise to share skills, knowledge, and hopes to our families, fellow young people and our communities at large.


Viva MasterCard foundation.

Abimana Marie Pierre Francoise, 24, was born in Kigali/Kicukiro District. She is doing Physiotherapy in College of Medicine and Health Sciences/ Remera Campus on support of FAWE Rwanda Chapter in partnership with MasterCard Foundation.


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