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Esperance MUKANKAKA, is 18 years old and the only child to a single mother, they reside in Karuruma, a Kigali suburb. The buoyant student undertakes Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics at Lycée Notre-Dame de Cîteaux since February 2014. Esperance lives with her mother during the holidays but her mother does not have a permanent job, she sometimes works as a waitress in a restaurant and contribution towards her tuition fees over the years has been through handouts from family friends and teachers.

Speaking to one of the programme directors she says, “I have been impacted by this scholarship program in many ways but mostly in 3 ways ; the mentoring sessions, the stipend offered every term and the Tuseme programme.” Prior to being accepted into the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program Esperance had lost hope for the future and didn’t believe she would complete her education, she now thanks FAWE Rwanda and The MasterCard Foundation for offering support in helping shape her future.

Esperance adds, “I joined the mentorship programme at 16 years old and I learnt a lot from these sessions. If I did not have this kind of guidance I would not be who I am today. I have learnt decision making skills and much more. I managed to save some money and bought a few pigs that I plan to eventually sell a number and buy a cow in 2017. I inspire to be an entrepreneur in the future and create job opportunities for other young people”


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